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Movers in al Warqa Duba In their joint efforts, the employees of Movers and the employees of the offices of the Islamic Endowment Movers in al Warqa Dubai transferred all the requested documents to one center. By 7:30 am, all employees of Islamic Endowment in al Warqa Dubai had completed their tasks and returned to their offices. The Movers of Islamic Endowment in al Warqa Dubai also moved some important documents to their offices. A team of Movers from the Iraqi Trade Centers in Muwafah. and Muthana then moved the documents to the offices of the endowments.

In between the transport of documents, a few Movers were seen walking towards the new administration office in Haydan and in other parts of Dubai. in order to receive the keys to the new building and the offices of the Islamic Endowment. The operation was carried out by the car of Movers and the cars of the employees of the Islamic Endowment in al Warqa Dubai.

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Movers in al Warqa Dubai

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Movers moving documents

In a press statement issued by the Iraqi Trade Centers in Al Warqa, Dubai, the offices of Islamic Endowment in Al Warqa, Dubai, stated that they have initiated the process of relocating their offices and staff members from their buildings in the Mansour and Al Warqa areas. This relocation commenced yesterday morning and is expected to continue until the middle of next week. In 2004, the endowments were subsequently relocated to their current buildings in Warqa, Dubai.

Movers in al Warqa Dubai


Q: Why are the employees moving from the buildings?

A: The endowments moved to these new buildings in order to establish their offices, Islamic Endowment employees say.

Q: Did the offices completely move to the new offices?

A: The offices only moved the documents that they needed, employees say.

Q: Why did Islamic Endowment employees have to move?

A: Because the city was invaded by terrorists. The buildings were destroyed and the employees needed a place to move their offices, said Muhammad.

Q: Who is responsible for transporting the staff?

A: The government in al Warqa Dubai is responsible, Muhammad said.

Q: When are the offices going to be moved?

A: The offices are moving in stages and until the middle of the new year, employees say.


The agreement was signed by the interior and defense ministers at the time and was later approved by the government in the second term in 2006. In the agreement, the endowments are set up in new buildings that were allocated for them in 2003.

Additionally, the city also agreed to provide some financial support for the operations of the Islamic. Endowment in all the other areas of the UAE, including Dubai and other areas.